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Management of the Gardens

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Our vision is: Australians value, conserve and appreciate our rich plant heritage.

Our mission is: To inspire, inform and connect people to the Australian flora.

Our goals are:

Goal 1:   Manage the national botanic garden to showcase Australia’s plants.

Goal 2:   Champion the conservation of Australian plants and the role of ex situ conservation in integrated conservation management.

Goal 3:   Create an inspirational place for enjoyment and learning.

Goal 4:   Engage communities in valuing and conserving Australia’s natural and cultural heritage.

Goal 5:   Increase knowledge of Australian flora through outstanding research activities.

Goal 6:   Be the gateway for knowledge about Australian plants.

Goal 7:   Facilitate and collaborate in national and international policy and practice to support the work of plant focused institutions and organisations.

Goal 8:   Grow as a national institution.

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