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Australian National Botanic Gardens
Research permit

Application form | Phone enquiries: 02 6250 9450

About this permit

Please supply the following information if you are applying for a permit to conduct research in a Commonwealth park or reserve, under Regulation 12.06(2) or 12.09(1) of the EPBC Regulations, and in accordance with subsection 354(1) of the EPBC Act.

This form should be used if you intend to conduct research within the grounds of the ANBG. Obtaining plant material from ANBG requires a separate agreement. You will also be required to sign a copy of the permit conditions and an indemnity before a permit will be issued. There is no fee for a research permit but if your proposed research incurs costs to ANBG you will be required to reimburse them. Further details about permits for research are available by calling the phone number shown below.

How to apply for this permit

If you intend to apply for this permit, please download the application form, complete it, print it out, sign it, and post or fax the signed form to:

The Director
Australian National Botanic Gardens
GPO Box 1777
Canberra ACT 2601

Phone: 02 6250 9450
Fax: 02 6250 9599

Download the permit application form

This permit application form is available as a PDF and a Microsoft Word DOC file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the PDF.

If you are unable to access this permit application form, please contact us to organise a suitable alternative format.


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